Ron Cihuatán Sahumerio

Cihuatán Sahumerio is a limited edition made from four different vintages aged between 12 and 14 years in ex-Bourbon barrels. The rum is honouring the Mayan tradition of the Sahumerio, a mystic vessel for fire.

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Cihuatán Sahumerio is a limited edition rum created as a celebration of love. According to Mayan lore, fire was the symbol of love and the eagel goddess Chantico was its guardian. Thus, every loving home would keep a ”Sahumerio”, a sacred vessel for fire. These Sahumerios would burn day and night in honor of love. Gabriela was inspired by the aromas of the treats the Maya would burn in their Sahumerios, such as dried flowers and floral honey for romance, dried fruits for family unity, incense for friendship, cacao seeds and butters for self-protection. To achieve these notes in the rum, she blended together four of Cihuatán’s private reserve rums, vintages ranging from 12 years – 14 years.

Tasting Notes: Incense, dried myrtle, cacao butter, dried apricots & carnation honey.

Still Column
Alcohol 45,2%
Volume 0,7l
Age 12-14 years
Produced by Cihuatán
Product type Limited Edition
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Om producenten