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English Harbour 10 Years

English Harbour Reserve 10 Year Old Rum is a blend of mature rums, the youngest of which is 10 years old. A blend of 10 year old rums, the youngest rum being aged in once used Kentucky bourbon barrels for a minimum of 10 years. Light delicate spirit with aromas and complexity only to be found in a premium aged spirit. Drier on the palate than its counterparts, similar to whiskey, particularly bourbon. It can also be enjoyed straight giving a lovely warm rounded Rum finish.

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Antigua Distillers Ltd.

By the middle of the 18th Century about half the arable land in Antigua, was planted with cane. More than 150 stone sugar mills dotted the island, with their adjacent boiler houses and outbuildings.
In the 1920’s rum shops on the island were importing rums from other Caribbean Islands, blending, ageing and making their own brands to sell to the public. Many rum shop owners were Portuguese immigrants from the island of Madeira. In 1929 a group of eight of these local businessmen came together to buy molasses in bulk and control the distillation process for their rums. All but one were successful rum shop owners. Their initial request for a land in the St. John’s area (town) was denied as the colonial government did not want a ‘smelly’ distillery in the town. In June 1932 they formed a company which they named Antigua Distillery Limited.
The early ADL distilling equipment was a 3 column copper Savalle still from France. The rum produced from this still is characterized by a pronounced sweet, sugar cane nose combined with a dry medium-bodied flavour. The rectifying section of this Still is still in use today.

Tasting Notes

Initially soft and closed, the smoky oak flavors are well balanced with citrus, dried fruits, vanilla and burnt sugar notes Coconut, cinnamon and tropical florals on the aroma prepare you for butterscotch in the initial taste followed by a touch of thick coffee and baked apple in the viscous mouth feel.

Still Column
Alcohol 40%
Volume 0,7l
Age Blend of min. 10 years
Produced by Antigua Distillers
Product type Molasses Rum
EAN Code
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