Orange meets Chocolate

Compañero Elixir Extra

An experimental mix of our two most popular Compañeros defines this limited edition – Compañero Elixir Extra. Classic Jamaican rum and tropical flavors of ripe oranges and fresh coconut, combined with exquisite chocolate flavor as a result of the rum from Panama being finished in cacao seasoned casls. A unique experience that gives you great complexity with a smooth and sweet finish. The perfect friendship – by the bottle.

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flavored rum liqueur

A few years ago at a rum festival we had a client tasting both our Companero Elixir Orange and Companero Extra Anejo, after tasting both they took the 2 glasses and poured them together, the response was amazing! We tried it ourselves and we all loved it, so it has since become a staple at all festivals and tasting that we always suggest people to taste them first side by side and after to blend them half and half and combine the dark chocolate with orange and coconut.

This year we decided to do it officially! We have premade the blend for you as a one time limited edition of 9.778 bottle for the whole world. The perfect opportunity to introduce it to clients and show them the true meaning of Companeros

Tasting Notes:

Nose: An explosion of aromas – cocoa, orange blossom, milk chocolate and a sublte note of toasted oak.
Palate: A nice and well-balanced play of flavors, starting with lush oranges and dark chocolate with a slightly minty note. The sweetness of the orange liqueur is well integrated and creates a smooth and mellow finish that is lasting very long.

Still Column
Alcohol 47%
Volume 0,7l
Age Blend
Produced by 1423
Product type Flavored rum liqueur
Chill-filtered No
EAN Code 5712718005868
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Om producenten


With the Ron Compañero series you always have a perfect companion for any kind of life situation. The expression of our three Compañero’s are complex in taste, of high-quality, but their characters couldn’t be more different.